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Airbrush mini compressor AS-186

105,00€ EUR

Airbrush mini compressor AS-186

105,00€ EUR
Airbrushing / Compressors

Air compressor with tank AS-186.
Oil-free mini compressor with air reservoir (pressure vessel).

The pressure regulator is equipped with a filter and manometer (manometer).
Low noise compressor.
Thanks to its low weight, it is portable and suitable for home and leisure use.
This compressor it is suitable for airbrushes with 0.2-1 mm nozzles.

The package consists of:
1x tank compressor
1x outlet pressure regulator, with the filter and pressure gauge (pressure gauge)
1x cable
1x user manual

Mini Compressor is used for:
Airbrush, hobby and household applications


Pressure regulator information: 0-7 kgf / cm2 (0-100 PSI)
3L pressure tank, ensures air balance .
Safety / drain valve - Automatic protection against overheating
Voltage: 220-240 V / 50 Hz - Power: 0123 kW (1/6 hp)
Speed: 1450/1700 rpm
Volume: 47 dB / 1m
Flow rate: 20-23 l / min
Air connection: G 1/8
Cable length: 1.9m
Certificates: CE, GS , ETL, CETL, ROHS
Adjustable pressure: from 0 bar to 4 bar
Automatic execution of 3 BAR (43 PSI) Automatic shutdown at 4 BAR (57 PSI)

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