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Airbrush mini compressor AS-196A

160,00€ EUR

Airbrush mini compressor AS-196A

160,00€ EUR
Airbrushing / Compressors

The ES890C compressor is ideal for professionals and hobbyists who perform general airbrush applications, the compressor is powerful, compact, reliable and quiet.


Maintenance-free and oil-free air piston compressor.

With steel cover.

The 3 liter air tank provides a smooth and constant air flow, eliminating fluctuations and pulses, you can start working with continuous and powerful air.

Moisture filter, adjustable regulator and pressure gauge.

Power: At 1/6 of power, this compressor provides more air volume (CFM) and air pressure (PSI) than any airbrush requires.

Portable: lightweight and compact with handle for easy portability and storage.

Precise air adjustment: The diaphragm pressure regulator with moisture filter provides precise air flow adjustment, reduces pulsation and ensures clean, dry air.

Automatic on / off: switches off when the air pressure reaches 4 bar. Lights up when it reaches 3 bars. Reducing the operating time means that you will have less engine wear and reduce heat-related humidity and extend the life of the compressor.

Constant pressure and zero pulse: air is stored in the tank, providing a regulated constant pressure. There is no pulsation from zero because air is sent from the tank, which eliminates any pulsating effects from the pistons.

Maintenance free: Oil-free piston engine.

Maximum continuous working time: half an hour.

Note: In normal airbrushing jobs, the compressor often stops to mask, change color etc. These short stops allow the compressor not to heat up and therefore can work with it for many hours straight.

Low noise level: Very quiet, only 47 db.


Type: Single cylinder air tank compressor

Power: 1/6 CV / 147 W

Air control: Pressure regulator with moisture filter.

Air distribution: 20-23 liters / minute

Auto Start / Stop: Stops at 4 Bar (57 PSI), starts at 3 Bar (43 PSI)

Maximum pressure: 4 bar

Air tank: 3 liters

Connections: 1/8 inch

Dimensions: 31cm x 13.5cm x 36cm

Weight: 8.2 Kg

Electric cable: 1.8 meters

Certified: CE, GS, ROHS, ETL, CETL

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