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Ford F 100 - Scale 1:24

17 | 11 | 2019
Ford F 100 - Scale 1:24

Hello friends to start another model, this time it will be the Ford FD 100 Pickup from Revell in 1:24 scale.

This model will be slightly changed, because I can't build any box model without having a personal touch or a profound change and this model will be no different and so what changes will it have?

Good! Let's start by opening one of the doors and I chose the driver's door and why open a door?

Simple! Because in my opinion we waste a lot of time detailing an interior so that nobody can see it afterwards and that time invested in that detail goes down the drain and so we can already see the interior, second point, this model will serve for two occasions, the first to roll in the exhibitions as a simple model and next year integrated in a diorama.

That said ... it's time to start working.

Open door, I started reinforcing and detailing it, starting with the hinges that after a previous study I saw that it was not a hinge, but a curvature that supported the door.

So far everything relatively easy, nothing too complicated, a very good plastic to work with, of the few Revell models that do not have major complications, I would say better, none until now.

Now here we go ...

Step of the outdated door is time to start to correct small molding problems and I just found this one, which is located at the rear of the roof and with a little putty putty was easily solved.

In the process of covering this defect I used the putty mass of Fire Scale Modeler Fine with thin layers and let it dry approximately 20 minutes between each layer so that the abatement is null and thus make sure that it dries well between the layers, because easily with one layer thicker we run the risk of drying the last layer and the remaining ones do not dry and it is worth this waiting time the dough is very good.

And lastly sand with a wet and wet 1000 grit sandpaper why? Because in addition to the durability of the sandpaper being much greater, the perfection and finish is much superior.

This was the sandpaper I used FM033 from Fire Scale Modeler 

And you will be asking why you are using masking tape in this process? The answer is very simple, you will be protecting the details of the rear window frieze, because this way I put the sandpaper over the tape and do not damage the details, however it is to avoid passing the sandpaper over the tape, but if there is a carelessness the tape will protect that detail from being damaged.

The chassis ready, a very easy to build and easy to fit part, it doesn't even look like a Revell, I loved it!

But as I told you before, I like to put a personal stamp on my models and I designed the Fire Scale Modeler logo and printed it in 3D to put where the word "Foose" is engraved, which came out to be very good.

And so we reached the end of the assembly before painting.

We are in the phase of eliminating all chrome and washing parts.

To remove the chrome parts, I only use Forze Spray, there are many products that have the same effect, such as bleach, brake oil, but this is the product I like to work with and with a perfect result, always be careful in the vapors that the forze issues, protect yourself with a mask.

Note: Use these tea dowels to place the small pieces and not get lost.

For me, the next process is one of the most delicate processes and you can throw away everything that has been done so far, so dear friends, take it easy, because you have all the time in the world.

Primer applied with thin layers and allowed to dry well, I used the gray primer from Fire Scale Modeler FSC013, a very thin primer and easy to handle.

After the primer is applied to all parts, the next step is applied, applying the base color, black, the base color will be used for the color that we will apply to the bodywork that will have to be applied over black and also with a base color for chrome.

NestIn this photo the black color has applied the varnish one of the main elements for a good application of the main color and chrome, without this it does not work.

Chrome applied, before painting I usually separate the pieces by colors to apply.

The main painting took some time to decide, because when we see this model built we see the common colors and I wanted to escape a little from the common colors and as I idealized to develop a diorama and behold, this chameleon color from the Fire Scale Modeler FSC118 

Painting of all elements finished, the final assembly and detailing of the engine and cabin follows.

Detailed engine, we go to cruise speed for the chassis, where it was painted with the new color of the FSM with the reference FSC131 

Interior finished, here we come to the end of the model, I hope you like it

Final element based ...

The base was designed by me and engraved with a laser machine and crystal epoxy resin was used.

Summarizing this model, very easy to work kit without complications, perfect fittings and a very good plastic, I loved this model !!

And finally, dear friends, I leave you here all the colors used by the Fire Scale Modeler brand.

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