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The Fire Scale Modeler, when developing each product, leads to the construction of some models by our official modeler and intends to clarify how it arrived at the results and finalization of its models.

Our Blog and videos will be elaborated so that all modelers understand, so we will use a simple and practical language so they can understand, just as we will not use any recording or photography studio during our videos and our model constructions, we understand that we would distort the reality of the environment most modelers around the world, for this reason we will show our work environment, the Fire Scale Modeler studio.

Ford F 100 - Scale 1:24

Hello friends to start another model, this time it will be the Ford FD 100 Pickup from Revell in 1:24 scale. This model will be slightly changed, because I can't build any box model without having a persona...

Mercedes AMG Linkin Park 1:24

Hello everyone, this time the model chosen was the Tamiya model the Mercedes AMG GT3, and will be built from the Linkin Park version. The boldness on my part is very, because the chrome is one of the most...