FSA brush colors
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FSA brush colors

What kind of paints are FSA Fire Scale Colors?
Our colors with FSA reference are water-based acrylic paints that dry with a matte finish and require a clear coating if necessary. As they are water-based, it is recommended to be applied over a suitable primer, which can be smooth, metallic colors, developed for brush application.

Do you need to be diluted?
Paints developed for brush will have to be diluted if desired, and can be diluted with water.

Do the paints smell?

No, the colors with FSA reference are odorless, being acrylic based on water.

Is the primer necessary?
We always recommend applying a primer, it will increase the adhesion of the paints, as well as showing some imperfection in the model that can be corrected before the color is applied.

It is always necessary to apply varnish

We always recommend applying varnish, with matt colors and to protect colors and decals.

How many models can I paint?

These are brush paints and you are guaranteed to paint two 1/24 scale models completely with a 20ml unit.

What product do the brushes clean?
Can you use water to clean your brushes?

Are the paints supplied with instructions?

Yes, we always send instructions along with the colors, in case of doubts or clarifications, you can contact us by email firescalemodeler@gmail.com.

How can I dye the paint in case of a painting error ?

You can remove the paint by dipping the model in isopropyl alcohol for a few hours.

What is the expiration date of the inks?

The tests carried out on our packaging, we can guarantee a period of more than 12 months, but if there is any problem, contact us, we will solve the problem.

Can I use these airbrush inks?

Yes, just dilute approximately 20 to 30% with water or our thinner brush.

How can I get a color that is not in the catalog?
Contact us so we can check if we can develop the desired color for this you will have to provide us with some information and it will be produced in a within 5 days.