Extactor Paint Station
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Fire Scale Modeler

Extactor Paint Station

110,00€ EUR
Fire Scale Modeler

Extactor Paint Station

110,00€ EUR

Paint booth with extractor

A comfortable and practical cabin bag that contains a complete extractor station for interiors and to enjoy our hobby at will.

Additional cabs can be fitted across the entire width to fit larger figures or models.

This painting station can be folded and unfolded, portable and easy to use. New stations can also be added to create a larger one, if the parts to be painted require. It has extensible plastic tubes to direct the vapors to the outside


Power: 25w

Turntable included

Incorporates an on / off controller.

High efficiency fiberglass filter system with cabin filter included.

Noise: 47dB

Evacuated air: 3m3 / min

Weight: 3.9 Kg

Folded dimensions: 40.5 x 21.5 x 29 cm

Unfolded dimensions: 40.5 x 47.5 x 33.5 cm

Lighting: Not available

Not Available

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