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The Hansa Aero Pro HTC 20A Airbrush Compressor is ideal for professionals or hobbyists who need total silence (except for a small discharge when the air tank has finished charging), the 6 bar working airbrush allows you to work with one or more airbrushes with several nozzle sizes.

The compressor is equipped with an air tank to allow the supply of air under constant pressure. The compressor is very quiet, producing a noise level of just 38 dB (like a refrigerator).

It has quick connectors for easy connection of all conventional airbrushes.

The Hansa Aero Pro 20A silent compressor is supplied with a DN5 female quick connector (DN5 male connectors are purchased separately), anti-humidity filter and pressure regulator.


Air control: Pressure regulator with moisture filter.

Air distribution: 17 liters / minute

Auto Start / Stop

Maximum pressure: 6 Bar

Air tank: 1.5 liters

Connections: DN5 quick connector


Weight: 18 kg

NOTE: To start the compressor, remember that they do not contain oil when leaving the factory and during shipping. Therefore, before using it for the first time, you must add its special oil to avoid damage.

We offer 500ml synthetic compressor oil.

2 year warranty

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