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COVID 19 Information

Impact of coronavirus on shipments

The Fire Scale Modeler continues to operate and focused on the customer first and oriented towards modelers and hobby innovation, however the new coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented complexities, which have required a constant reassessment of our operations together carriers.

Our highest priority is to help ensure quick delivery of our customers' orders nationwide, Europe and the rest of the world, but we have seen some delays in deliveries, which for Fire Scale Modeler it is not tolerable and we have been coming for two months to find solutions and finally found, we inform that from this date we have several solutions where the customer chooses the one that is most suitable.

National shipping services (Portugal continental)

  • - CTT Expresso - Deliveries the next day until 7pm (Max. 2kg)
  • - Registered CTT - Deliveries between 2 to 3 days max. 2kg
  • - CTT Not Registered - Deliveries between 3 to 7 days (in some places it may exceed this time and the customer's full responsibility)
  • - DHL Parcel - Delivery the next day until 7 pm at home.
  • - DHL Parcel shipments starting at over 2kg.


  • CTT Registered - Delivery between 7 to 15 days (may take up to a month for two in some European countries )
  • DHL - Delivery between 5 to 7 days at home.

Rest of the World

  • CTT Registered - Delivery between 7 to 15 days (Some countries may take approximately 3 months, due to quarantine time and customs clearance)
  • Urgent UPS - 3 to 7 days anywhere in the world, customs clearance service included, direct home delivery, contact us for consultation firescalemodel values

For more information, contact us.