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Mercedes AMG Linkin Park 1:24

25 | 04 | 2020
Mercedes AMG Linkin Park 1:24

Hello everyone, this time the model chosen was the Tamiya model the Mercedes AMG GT3, and will be built from the Linkin Park version.

The boldness on my part is very, because the chrome is one of the most complicated paintings to make, however I will use the Chrome Scale set from Fire Scale Modeler with specific varnish for chrome paintings. So let's go to step by step.

Being a tamiya kit everything looks perfect and so it is confirmed in the dry fit of the kit, everything seems to fit perfectly, after cleaning a burr there and there, I started to remove the chrome from the kit which in my opinion is very artificial.

When removing the chrome I use a product for many years that is Froza, a foam for cleaning domestic ovens, just put the chrome parts in a container and in this case I used a Pet cup and spray with the Froza and wait a few hours (two or three is enough).

With the clean parts of your chrome and kit parts, they are washed with detergent and warm water to remove any grease from the molding or even from our hands and let it dry naturally.

Washing and drying performed was the process of applying the Fire Scale Modeler gray primer

Gray Primer ref: FSC013, a very smooth and thin primer applied directly to the airbrush, a primer with a huge adhesion on plastic, metallic or resin surfaces of the best I've ever used (I've used almost all brands)

The next process will be the painting of the interior of the model and its assembly, I did not detail much because in my constructions, all those that will be closed and that the interior is little seen from the outside, usually I do not detail much, without even going to detail .

Inside I used Tamiya Carbon decals and for the seat Adhesive cloth for seat (Black) - Model Factory Hiro

With the interior completed and ready to assemble it was time to assemble and paint the chassis, in this case I used Fire Scale Modeler paints like the color BLACK FSC001,

Scania Pearl Beige FSC041 e

Aluminum FSC011 finished and sealed with varnish

Gloss Varnish 1K - VFC005.

And now you ask about the wheels ... Because, as I knew it would be a complicated process to simulate the original painting, it was time to mask everything in as much detail as possible, and this process took more than 4 hours to be completed on the 4 wheels.

In the rim masking process, I used the masking tape

Micron Masking Tape 0.7mm x 8m - Aizu e

Micron Masking Tape 1.5mm x 5m - Aizu.

In the painting I used the paints

BLACK FSC001 and Rosso Corsa FSC024.

Well friends, so far it has been the easiest part.

As I mentioned a little above, all metallic paintings and chrome in particular are a little more complicated than a normal painting, but nothing impossible and over 27 years of modeling and with more than 400 models built I tried many metallic colors and this one without a doubt it is the one that got the most realism and a novelty, it is until now the only chrome with varnish for sealing the metallic particles that normally darken with the humidity or with the acidity of our skin when touched.

Well ... Let's see if I can explain the whole painting process to you.

We started at the base with the Gray Primer FSC013 primer that I will apply with two thin layers and let it dry for a few minutes. 10 minutes was enough and then the body was sanded with 2000 lightly wet sandpaper, no pressure for the primer to stay on. as smooth as possible to receive the next color.

This color is important to get the most mirror effect possible, because it is at this stage that everything can fail if it is not completely mirror.

After applying Black, two very thin layers of Fire Scale Modeler 2k varnish were applied 

 Clear Gloss 2K VFC002 and let it dry for 24 hours in a sealed box to avoid contamination of dust or other things that are harmful to the next process.

Ok, base process completed, I will start the mask process for the red color, being common I prefer masks to decals and in this case it was the best option.
Ready-made masks is applied the color Red Rosso Corsa FSC024 from Fire Scale Modeler and then again the mask for the application of chrome.

Ready mask is time to apply Chrome Chrome FSC050 at a pressure of 2 bars at a distance of approximately 15 to 20 cm and why? 

Because in the application of chrome, more air should come out than chrome and should apply until it has a mirror effect, it is normal when applying to notice a fine dust, but do not worry, this will be solved after drying and must be respected within 24 hours or use a yogurt maker and then the time will be reduced to about 2 hours, after drying, use a wide and soft brush to clean the dust that I mentioned above then applying the chrome varnish that comes with the Chrome Set SFC007 and let it dry for 24 hours or in the yogurt maker for 2 hours and the process is complete, you can proceed to the decals without problems.

And now we are reaching the end and finally the easy to apply decals.

And finally the assembly of all the construction and painting processes, I hope you like it, because this model gave me a brutal enjoyment. see you later!

Watch the video of the chrome application process.

A big hug! Marco Teodoro

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