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Fire Scale Modeler


95,00€ EUR
Fire Scale Modeler


95,00€ EUR

BD-515 extraction portable airbrush box

The spray chamber needs to be mounted.

It has a small, powerful engine with great air flow. There is no need for ventilation to fix pipes and save energy and protect the environment.
The booth has a high density mesh filter that can filter most of the paint and moisture.
Cable can be kept inside so that can be removed when necessary and retract the cable automatically by pressing the button.
The on / off button also controls the light, so it will come on when the machine is running.
Option 1: Engine running
Option 2: Engine running and light on
The unit has low noise levels of around 55 db.
It has a turntable and a handle on the top making it convenient to carry.

Voltage, frequency and plug according to the country.
Volt / HZ: 100-240 V / 50-60 HZ
Power: 28W
Air flow: 5.2 m3 / min
Noise level: 66 db.

Read all operating instructions before using the products for the first time; They contain important information about the correct operation of this booth. The guarantee / warranty will be void if the damage is incurred due to non-compliance with the operating instructions.
Liability for any consequential damage is excluded!
We assume no liability for material or personal damage < br> caused by improper use or non-observance of the safety instructions!
In these cases, the warranty / guarantee will be void.
• Unauthorized conversion, modification or disassembly of the products is inadmissible for reasons safety and approval (CE).
• The product is not a toy and must be kept out of the reach of children.
Therefore, special care must be taken if children are present.
• The product must stay damp or wet, it is only intended for dry, indoor use (not bathrooms or similarly damp areas). There is a risk of a fatal electric shock.
• Do not expose the product or its accessories to moisture or very high or low temperatures.
• Do not leave packaging materials unattended. They can become dangerous with children's play material.
• Falling, falling, strong pressure or pulling forces can destroy or limit the function of the product.
• Never position the device in the fuel or easily flammable materials, eg. curtains!
• Always make sure that the rotary table on which the object is placed is located in the center of the house!
• The device should continue to function for approximately 2 to 6 minutes after each < br> use that guarantees self-cleaning of the device!
• Always turn off the device and remove the plug from the socket when the device is not in use!
5. Safety instructions and danger notices 3. List of spare parts:

Dimension: 430X235X330mm
Weight: 3.3 kg

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