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Airbrush Change

Fire Scale Modeler airbrush take-back service

The Fire Scale Modeler is aware that many modelers intend to innovate and renew their their tools, but sometimes they are private, because they don't want to stay with many airbrushes or because their repair does not justifies, there are many reasons that we can find and be it whatever the Fire Scale Modeler can offer up to 50 euros for its used airbrush.

Just send us a or several photos of the airbrush in question to the mail , that we will evaluate very carefully.


- Sending a photo or several photos for evaluation.

- Airbrush minimally functional or working.

- Always mention in the mail if you have problems with functioning and what are the problems airbrush.

- Airbrush shipping responsibility of the user.

- Payment of resumes after physical assessment of the airbrush or reception.

Regulation and conditions.

- The Fire Scale Modeler will have to have a first assessment if in case far from our studio and so you can only have that first evaluation through one or more photos, the value being pre-agreed in this first assessment.

- Airbrush shipping Fire Scale Modeler will always be the responsibility of your owner and for our studio in Rua dos Moleiros, Lote 14 - Varatojo 2560-237 Torres Vedras - Portugal.

- Payment will be always carried out after receiving the airbrush in our atelier and after checking that everything is in compliance with the established and agreed by mail.

- The Fire Scale Modeler reserves the right to refuse any assessment or of the airbrush.

In case of doubt or more clarifications, contact us at