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Fire Scale Modeler

Satin Varnish 1K

4,50€ EUR
Satin Varnish 1K
Fire Scale Modeler

Satin Varnish 1K

4,50€ EUR
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Fire Scale Colors gloss varnish ready to use in airbrush, does not need dilution , has an extraordinary coverage with just 2 thin hands, is completely satin and low hardness with the exclusive Fire Scale Colors formula .

- 30ml or 60ml Satin Varnish


- Reflow technology: low resistance to micro-ray (washing tunnels) and chemicals.

- Ideal for complete or partial painting of models.

- Fully adapted to current VOC standards.

- Varnish with low solids content

- Satin finish varnish

- It can air dry (24H total hardness) in the oven at 60 ° (30 minutes total hardness) by touch approximately 45 minutes.

Instructions for use:
Leave the color of the base coat for 15/30 minutes before applying the clear coat and apply a layer of mist (adhesion). After 5/10 minutes, you can apply more coats (we recommend a minimum of 2 single coats for 5 to 10 minutes) between each one

  • Air drying times at 20ºC,
  • Pre-dry: 30-40 minutes < / li>
  • Touch Dry: 1 hour
  • Total hardness: 24 hours,
  • Completely dry: 48 hours. Can be polished after 48 hours at 20ºC
  • Air pressure: 1.5 bar
  • Low varnish protection and recommended to apply it before decals, for total protection we recommend our 2K varnish.

Shelf life: at least 1 years if stored in tightly closed original containers at low temperatures.

Decals: Whenever you apply layers of light mist over the stickers NEVER go ahead with wet layers, as this can melt the decal

This varnish may react with certain decals, we recommend testing it on a separate piece.

Polishing: This varnish

It is not recommended to use these paints in cold or damp environments, always check the conditions of the space where you will paint.

To dilute if necessary use Thinners Fire Scale Modeler. DO NOT use White Spirit, Thinners acrylic or cellulose thinner, they are not suitable for this paint.

Cleaning of tools can be done with acetone, never use cellulose thinner or alcohol.

Work in a well-ventilated area and always with a mask and keep away from children. Tighten the cover for safety after each use.


Health and Safety Notes:

Harmful by inhalation, irritating to eyes. Keep away from sources of ignition. NO SMOKING .

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor. Wear suitable gloves. Use in a well-ventilated area. Keep out of the reach of children.

In case of intoxication contact 112

For use and exclusive sale to model-makers over 18 years of age